The masía offers you the chance to soak up the peace and quiet to balance out life’s stresses; on the other hand, you can relax actively, de-stressing in the great outdoors - walking, cycling.

Mora de Rubielos

The area bears witness to a long history of wars and treaties. The district takes in the whole basin of the Mora river with its many different landscapes. The ancient walls of more than a hundred masías have been home to nearly thirty generations.

Rubielos de Mora

The town is truly beautiful, both in its architecture and in the amazingly varied landscape, from the gorges of the Mijares and Rubielos Rivers, the high moorland of Las Muelas, abundant masías, to the Balagueras reservoir, there are no end of places to enjoy nature.


Teruel is the capital of one of the three provinces that make up the Autonomous Community of Aragon in the east of Spain. Acclaimed by many of its visitors as the “City of Love”, it is the most important city in the world for Spanish Moorish architecture and cradle of the Dinosaurs. Discover its delights.

Dinopolis – Land of the Dinosaurs

Dinopolis is a scientific, cultural and leisure park devoted to palaeontology and the dinosaurs. There is a large central park in Teruel itself and seven satellite centres around the Province.

Skiing in Valdelinares

For lovers of snow and sport the pistes of Valdelinares are just 30 kilometres away. Enjoy your favourite sport and relax afterwards at the masía.

Road trip

Visit villages like Mora de Rubielos, Rubielos de Mora … and enjoy the culture and food of the countryside. Take in the Sierra de Gúdar, its landscapes and the wonders that it shelters.


How about this as a plan? Bring your bikes and the whole family can enjoy the amazing Sierra de Gúdar on two wheels.


Enjoy the natural world that surrounds the masía, following the hiking trails that start from our front door.


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